Company Information

Trade name Usami Shokai Co., Ltd.
Location [Head Office]
Kita 27 Jo Higashi 12 Chome 1-8, higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 065-0027 Japan

[Ishikari Office]
3-752-1 Shinkonishi, Ishikari shi 061-3241 Japan
PHONE : +81-133-73-9310 / FAX :
+81-133-77-6111(General Affairs Dept.)
+81-133-73-9349(Ishikari Factory)

[Sapporo Office]
Higashinaebo 14-3-1-20,Higashi-ku,Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 007-0814 Japan
PHONE : +81-11-792-6036 / FAX : +81-11-641-6363
Incorporated March 1962
Paid-in capital 25,600,000 yen
Representative Takashi Usami, President & Representative Director
Business license no. Hokkaido Governor's License (Toku-29) Ishi No. 01877
Authorized businesses Painting works,tobi,earthworks, concrete works

Ishikari Office

Company history

Since its establishment in 1959,
Usami Shokai has provided rust and corrosion protection services in
its cold weather climate using a two-pronged corporate structure
comprising its Factory Division and Engineering Division mainly
involving surface treatments, painting and metal spraying of steel
structures in Hokkaido.

Business lines

■Planning and investigations of coating treatments for steel structures
■Design, painting and project management for anti-corrosion paints for steel structures
■Surface treatments using steel shots (automated blast machine; SIS; Sa2.5 and over))
■Surface treatments using steel grids (manual blast booth; SIS; Sa3.0 and over)
■Various metal spraying
■Temporary construction work

Main equipment and facilities

Automated blast machine (2.5m x 2.5m x adjustable length) 1
Blast booth (5.0m x 8.0m x 4.0m) 1
Push-pull type ventilated painting booth (15.0m x 21.0m x 4.0m) 1
Metal spraying system 2
Sandblasters 7
Ceiling cranes (4.8t) 5

Employees licenses/accreditations

First-Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer 4
Second-Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer (steel structure painting) 5
Second-class Construction Managing Engineer (finishing) 1
Thermal Spraying Technician (anti-corrosion thermal spraying) 3
Construction and Painting First-Class Technician 1
Steel Bridge Painting Second-Class Technician 1
Anti-Rust Manager (anti-rust painting) 6
Anti-Rust Manager (facility corrosion) 2
Operations Chief of Work Handling Organic Solvents 10
Operations Chief of Work Handling Specified Chemical Substances 6
Operations Chief of Lead Work 5
Type-1 Operations Chief of Oxygen Deficient Danger 8
Type-2 Operations Chief of Oxygen Deficient Danger 1
Operations Chief of Assembling, etc., of Scaffolding 6
Hazardous Materials Engineer (Type-4) 4
Special Management Industrial Waste Officer 6
First-Class Construction Industry Accountant 1

Main customers

Construction Depts., Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau/
Construction Management Depts., Hokkaido Prefectural Government/
City of Sapporo/Municipalities throughout Hokkaido/The East Nippon
Expressway Company Limited/Watex Hokkaido Corporation/Marukin
Sato Co., Ltd./Toko Kozai Co., Ltd./Abe Kozai Co., Ltd./Maebori Co., Ltd./
Air Water Plant & Engineering Inc./Nichijo Manufacturing Co., Ltd./
Hokko Kakouki Co., Ltd./Kyowa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd./
Sho-Bond Corporation/The Hakodate Dock Co., Ltd./Docon Co., Ltd./
Development Engineering Institute Co., Ltd./Companies from machinery
and metal/steel products related industries/Companies from bridge
and steel structure fabrication related industries/Companies
from construction related industries

Main banking partners

North Pacific Bank : Maruyama Park Branch
Hokkaido Bank : Torii-mae Branch
Hokuriku Bank : Sapporo Branch


Ishikari New Port Machine & Metal Industry Cooperative
Sapporo Painting Industry Cooperative
Hokkaido Thermal Spraying Industry Association
The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hokkaido SME Business Owners Association