Company Information


The Factory Painting Division was launched in 1979 as Usami Shokai Hassamu Factory Co., Ltd.within the Hassamu Industrial Park in Sapporo's Nishi Ward. Later, the factory was relocated to Ishikari New Port Machine and Metal Industrial Complex in 1991 for expansion purposes. Today, it is known as the Ishikari Factory. Harnessing its cutting edge facilities as a factory dedicated to anti-rust and anti-corrosion services, the Ishikari Factory has established a solid reputation within the steel processing, machine fabrication and construction industries.

Ishikari Factory

The Ishikari Factory, housed in building with a floor area of 2,576m2 (approx. 790 tsubo), carries out integrated operations onsite that span from product receipt to pretreatment, painting or metal spraying, inspections and product delivery. This makes it possible to always achieve the same high quality standards of work without the affects of climate or weather.

Workflow in the factory
Product arrival
Components or finished products fabricated in the customer's factory arrive at the Ishikari Factory.
Materials preparation process
Large components pass through the automated blast system where the material is prepared using the designated degree of cleaning. These components can be as large as 2.5m by 2.5m in length and width.
Components that cannot be prepared in the automated blast system are prepared using manual blast equipment.
Painting process
Painting is carried out by experienced professionals according to the designated materials and amount of paint.
Inspection process
The paint is inspected after drying to check for finish quality and coating integrity.
Product shipment
The components or finished product is returned to the customer after passing the inspection.